Latina Abuse Starring Eve Evans


Eve Evans is your typical Latina hoochie. She thinks she is God's gift to men when in reality, she is just a pair of Spanish tits, a Latina pussy and a cum rag that sounds better with a cock in her mouth than when she is actually speaking. In other words, any man would be crazy not to fuck her, but they'd be a moron if they married her. Duke Skywalker and the Latina Abuse crew let her believe she was special for a few minutes before they had her drop to her knees. Once the white dicks came from all directions, she realized that she was at the bottom of the totem pole.

Like any true whore, Eve Evans opened her trap and let the dicks invade her throat. She even took it a step farther and let them all take turns face fucking her. However, as her gag reflex was tested and the puke began to flow, she realized that this wasn't something she could handle. Latina Abuse was a bit too rough for her and she had to make a choice.

As she visualized her family seeing her Latina Abuse video and realized that gagging on gringo dicks would drive her father to an early grave, she decided that a tap out was a must. She put a stop to the face fucking, but made a decision on the fly: She still needed the cash for the scene, and getting a facial from three white dicks wouldn't be that humiliating.

As the streams of cum oozed down her face, she realized that her assumption may have been incorrect. It doesn't matter to guys like us though! She was degraded and destroyed by white dicks ad covered in creamy cum...And the scene came at a discount for Duke and the guys. Talk about a win-win situation!

Eve Evans Gags On A Dick
Face Fucked Eve Evans
Eve Evans Gets Throat Fucked
Eve Evans Gets A Latina Facial

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